Organic farming and Austrian beer

“In Austria craft beer makes up just two to three per cent of the market. Austria is not the USA, where craft beer has a good 12 per cent market share of the beer market. There's a reason. Namely, here in Austria and Germany we've always had a well-maintained beer culture. We had good beers and the tradition lives on strongly here and there wasn't much of a place for craft beer,” said Markus Trinker, creative brewmaster at the Wildshut Stiegl estate.

Sean Crawford talks about DropZone Brewery

Stuart Forster sips a bottle of Red On beer and interviews Sean Crawford, the founder of DropZone Brewery. During an autumn evening in 2020, Sean Crawford was drinking wine with a friend. By the time they had drained their final glasses of the night, the concept behind DropZone Brewery was sketched out. Sean is a...

The Red Lion Freehouse in Wiltshire

“We always have our steak for two on, which we’re proud of — either a chateaubriand or roasted rib with chips and a bearnaise. It might sound a bit boring for a signature dish but it’s something we have on all the time. It’s rooted in that pub ethos of steak and chips. But it’s the best steak you can get, with everything well prepared,” said Guy Manning of the Red Lion Freehouse.