Igloo pod dining at Christmas Tyne

The fenced winter village stands next to Gateshead Millennium Bridge, which was illuminated purple on Saturday. Wafts of the Asian-style street food and grilling sausages, from the market’s stalls, smelt tempting as we headed by to check out the pods. People were sitting inside watching Christmas movies. Where would we be dining? None of the tables looked large enough to seat 10 people. We were, we concluded, in the wrong part of the village.

Pizza Punks restaurant in Newcastle

The space now has a hip, contemporary feel. It’s very much decor of the moment. Picture brickwork walls, a concrete floor plus industrial-style metal piping on the ceiling. The restaurant’s white pillars bear Pizza Punks’ anarchist-style logo; a ringed, hand-drawn capital ‘A’. There's more elaborate graffiti-style artwork at the back of the room, near the steps down to the toilets. It is the company’s first restaurant in England, following openings in Glasgow and Belfast.

Revolucion de Cuba in Newcastle

Barney then invited me to follow his lead, blindfolded. The masterclass proved a fun way of getting to know other people as we were asked to get into pairs and work together (one blindfolded, one not) to mix a mojito. We then made other cocktails from the menu, picking up tips on how to improve out mixing as we went.

Dining at Riley’s Fish Shack in Tynemouth

It’s a place that has managed to generate a buzz. “What? You’ve never eaten there?” was invariably the response if I admitted I hadn’t dined at Riley’s Fish Shack. I could tell that people were looking at me, judging, probably thinking something along the lines of “you can’t really be from the north-east of England and interested in good food without having been there.”

Asparagus liqueur from the Netherlands

The distillery is named after the kingfisher, a bird that was rarely seen on the waterways of Limburg a quarter of a century ago. These days, though, the colourful birds can be spotted frequently, sitting on overhanging branches and darting into streams while hunting prey. The company logo depicts one of the birds perched on a branch.

Sunderland Restaurant Week: 17 – 25 March 2018

The first Sunderland Restaurant Week of 2018 takes place from 17 to 25 March. More than 40 cafés and restaurants will participate. Diners can take advantage of two- or three-course menus costing £10 or 15 respectively. During the daytime, participating cafes will feature £5 offers. This is the third Sunderland Restaurant Week. Since the previous event, held during September 2017, a handful of new dining establishments have opened in and around the city centre.

Wendy Papadopoulos: New Brunswick’s female brewmaster

“When I first started in the industry I was 24-years-old and there were, I think, six other female brewers in North America. I’d get mistaken for the marketing person and whatever. Now that I’m in my niche, in my province and home, I know all of the brewers: I’m just another one of the guys. It’s changed a lot but I’ve really established myself. I’m part of community that takes me as a brewer and not as a woman,” says Wendy.