Snugpak adult face covers

Love them or loathe them, it looks like face covers are going to part of everyday life for the foreseeable future. They have become must-wear items in certain circumstances, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Face coverings seem set to be the fashion item of late-2020.

PNY Mobee Gimbal Stabiliser for smartphones

Stuart Forster writes a product review of the PNY Mobee Gimbal Stabiliser for smartphones. Disclosure: Stuart Forster was gifted a PNY Mobee Gimbal Stabiliser for the purpose of writing this blog post, which PNY did not review or approve. Some of the links below, marked with a (£), are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional...

The best multi cooker, the Ninja Foodi

I love cooking, finding it a great way of relaxing. Planning a meal, prepping the ingredients and cooking is a way of shutting off from the outside world and being creative. I’m normally reluctant to adopt new equipment into my routine but have been highly impressed with the Ninja Foodi. I’ve used it frequently over recent weeks.

Kit review: Snugpak Torrent Jacket

Designed for use in sub-zero temperatures, the Torrent jacket is filled with Snugpak’s trademarked Softie® insulation. It is designed to provide comfort when worn in temperatures to -5°C (23°F) and for use in lows to -10°C (14°F).Importantly, the jacket is light in weight. The extra-large version of the Snugpak Torrent jacket that I can be seen wearing in the photos illustrating this article weighs 950 grams.

Lavender and Lovage by Karen Burns-Booth

Lavender and Lovage is a hardback book that runs to 396 pages. The introduction conveys the author’s passion for tasty, no-nonsense food made with quality, fresh ingredients. It also hints at the global influences that have influenced Burns-Booth’s palette and style of cooking; she has lived in South Africa, Hong Kong, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, France and North Wales. As a food and travel blogger she has had opportunities to traverse the globe and taste dishes that have inspired some of the 160 recipes that feature in this book.

Urban Armor Gear case for the Microsoft Surface Pro

Research takes me to a variety of environments around the world. Sometimes it means spending time in comfortable surroundings reviewing luxury hotels. You’ll also find me jolting along in jungles or remote national parks. Inevitably, I want to feel confident that my laptop is as safe as possible from damage while on the road.