Suffolk ales inspired by recipes of old

The Vintage Fine Ale, a full-bodied beer, is brewed with Bramling Cross, Goldlings and the wonderfully named Fuggle varieties of hops. Too many of these ales, at 6.5 per cent alcohol by volume, and perhaps you could well say that anyone would be ‘fuggled’ up. But, of course, beer consumption is all about enjoying the product in moderation and enjoying the subtleties of the flavour.

Bizhop carry-on suitcase for business travellers

The Bizhop carry-on suitcase has been designed to meet the needs of business travellers while complying with the size requirements for cabin baggage of several major airlines. This piece of baggage carries a relatively new name among luggage producers. The Bizhop Luggage company was founded by Iain Begg. Crowdsourcing, via Kickstarter, provided funding for this venture. Shipment of the cases began in December 2017.

Travelling with Cornerstone shaving products

I like to stay presentable when I travel. Part of that, in my view, is being clean shaven. Of late I’ve been doing that Cornerstone shaving products. Pulled pork, craft beer and avocado on sour dough toast all appeal to me. I even own a couple of pairs of skinny jeans and a tweed jacket....

Kit Review: Snugpak Kitmonster 70 G2 bag

The grip handles feature a Velcro seal, for additional comfort while carrying this sizable piece of kit, and there are hand grips at either end. You can, should you choose, carry the bag via a shoulder strap that spans its length. Alternatively, the Kitmonster 70 G2 has detachable twin shoulder straps, meaning you can carry the bag on your back, in the style of a rucksack, should you so desire.

Kit review: Travel Cube

Travel Cube is a multi-socket travel adapter with two fast-charge USB ports. The Travel Cube allows a user to plug in a piece of electronic equipment on the top of the device then connect it to a socket.