Stuart Forster

Go Eat Do is created by Stuart Forster, the award-winning freelance travel and food writer and professional photographer.

A travel and food journalist based in north-east England

I grew up in Sunderland, England. I’ve lived in Germany, India and Portugal. I’m now based back in the beautiful north-east of England.

In addition to travel features and blog posts about distant destinations and cuisine, I like to write about places, tourist attractions and things to do in the region where I’m based. Some of the beaches in Northumberland, County Durham and Tyne and Wear count among the best in the United Kingdom. The region also has some fabulous countryside with trails for walking and cycling. Newcastle is a great place for a restaurant dinner, night out or as the base for a city break. I enjoy blogging about all of those.

If you’re a PR or represent a hotel, restaurant or tourism attraction in north-east England please get in touch if you’d like to work with Go Eat Do.

Specialist knowledge of Canada, Germany and the Netherlands

I’m a specialist in three countries; Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.

My love of the Netherlands began as a history student experiencing the country while studying on exchange at the University of Leiden. I return to the country frequently to research stories. I also have had a long association with Breda University of Applied Science (BUAS), where I’ve lectured over a decade, leading week-long travel writing and travel photography seminars.

I lived in Munich and speak fluent German. While I was in Germany I skied regularly, mainly in neighbouring Austria, and enjoyed visiting cultural attractions and tourism destinations in Bavaria and beyond. As a consequence I have a good knowledge of German history and culture.

I’ve travelled to Canada several times. The country’s landscapes, wildlife and the warm hospitality of the Canadian people are factors that keep drawing me back. It’s a county that has so much to explore and I thoroughly enjoy telling stories about my experiences there.

New ideas and travel opportunities

As a travel writer and photographer I have destination expertise to draw on. I also love new experiences and travelling to places that I haven’t previously visited.

I want to share those experiences and convey my insights and enthusiasm for destinations here on Go Eat Do.

If you represent a business in the tourism industry, a destination or have a client that you think might be of interest to me for blog posts please get in touch via the contact form here on Go Eat Do. I’d be happy to send you a media pack with details about Go Eat Do.

Travel writer Stuart Forster in the Canadian Rockies
Stuart Forster on a sunny day in the Canadian Rockies.

Professional travel writer and journalist

I have more than 15 years experience of writing for newspapers, magazines and websites. Go Eat Do is an opportunity for me to tell stories that I want to share. When creating content for Go Eat Do I apply the same professional standards that I do when writing for a national newspaper or glossy magazine.

I’m a member of organisations such as the:

  • British Guild of Beer Writers
  • British Guild of Travel Writers
  • National Union of Journalists
  • Travel Writers UK

Working with the media

Looking for a travel journalist or travel blogger based in north-east England for comments on aspects of tourism or the travel industry for radio shows or television programmes? I have experience of appearing on both. Please get in touch if it’s a subject that you’d like me to talk about.

If you’re a journalist or blogger and visiting Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland or elsewhere in the north-east, likewise, feel free to sat hello.

In the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy the work published here on Go Eat Do.

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