New cars for the Rocky Mountaineer luxury rail service

Each of the new cars will feature panoramic windows with electronically controlled tinting that can be lightened or darkened to suit the lighting conditions. The cars are air-conditioned and are designed to operate with the outside temperature anywhere between a chilly -25˚C and sweltering 50˚C...Before they leave the workshop in Reinickendorf, trees along the road will be trimmed to ensure that the cars to not get hit by overhanging branches on the way to the river port. From there they will be transported to Bremerhaven, then shipped to North America via the Panama Canal.

With a Local: Forillon National Park, Canada

"My personal favourite location of Forillon National Park is the Cap-des-Rosiers.  It’s in the northern area of the park. It’s a great to visit any time in summer. People can see the cliff. On the early morning you’ll see the sun rise above the sea. The light that hits the cliff makes it golden or orange. It’s very beautiful — unique," says park ranger Eric le Blanc.

Reasons to visit Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Constructing the Royal Baths, between 1894 and 1897, was a huge undertaking. Baggalley and Bristowe, a firm of London-based architects, won a competition run by Harrogate Corporation. A budget of £120,000 was set aside for the building — that amount was then an enormous sum but now represents less than a week’s pay for some star footballers in England’s Premier League. Electric hydrotherapy, peat baths and mud baths counted among the range of treatments once offered to guests after consultations with the Royal Bath’s doctors.

Bison reintroduced to Banff National Park in Canada

At the beginning of 2017 bison were reintroduced to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Within months the initial population of 16 grew to 26, thanks to the springtime births of 10 calves. Carsten Heuer is the Bison Reintroduction Project Manager for Banff National Park. He agreed to discuss the work undertaken as part of a $6.5...

A train manager aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

“I think, more than any other country on earth, Canada was developed by the railway. It was the promise of a railway that brought British Columbia into the fold. I’m half-American, on my father’s side, and well aware of the American interest in British Columbia. It could have been an entirely American west coast if it was not for the railway. Being born in Canada I’m cognisant of the fact that there would have been no Canada as we know it,” said Zebulon Fastabend, the train manager of the Rocky Mountaineer, about the importance of the railways in Canadian history.

With a Local – Edmonton, Alberta

Looking for insider tips ahead of a visit to Edmonton, Alberta? Kendall Barber has lived in Edmonton for more than a decade. She owns Poppy Barley, a footwear and leather good company, where her focus is on the marketing the company and designs created by her sister, Justine. Throughput the year, even in sub-zero temperatures, Kendall...

With a Local: Groningen, the Netherlands

Theo de Haan is a lecturer in tourism studies. He has lived in Groningen for more than three decades. Theo moved to Groningen to study geography as an 18-year-old and in this edition of With a Local he maps out what he likes about the Dutch city. When Theo first moved to Groningen cars were...

Riding the soft bob in Sigulda, Latvia

Until a few minutes ago I thought a soft bob was a style of recently conditioned short hair. Here in Sigulda, Latvia, it turns out to be a high-speed ride on ice. The soft bob I’m sitting in with three other people is about to follow the icy track of the bobsleigh and luge course...

Scheveningen: the Netherlands’ favourite seaside destination

Scheveningen is one of the locations across the Netherlands that mark the onset of the new herring season, each June, with celebratory feasts. Known as flag day — Vlaggetjesdag in Dutch — it sees people donning traditional attire while the country’s red, white and blue horizontal tricolour flaps from flagpoles and pokes in miniature from wooden cocktail sticks stuck into succulent slices of herring.