With a Local: Harare, Zimbabwe

Looking for local tips on things to do and places to see in Harare, Zimbabwe? Lorraine Muwuya lives in Harare and provides suggestions. She is a photojournalist who undertakes work for News of the South. While visiting Masvingo I chatted with Lorraine, who provided her insights regarding things to do and see in the Zimbabwean...

Climbing Grey’s Monument in Newcastle

Grey’s Monument, in central Newcastle, stands in memory of the man for whom bergamot-infused Earl Grey tea first was blended. From April to September this most English of landmarks opens on the first Saturday of the month for visits by members of the public. Known locally simply as the Monument, Grey’s Monument looks very similar...

With a Local: Windsor, England

Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire, attracts many international visitors because it’s the location of a royal residence, Windsor Castle. The fortress dominates the hilltop next to the town centre. Of course, there’s much else to do in Windsor. For insights I approached Yasemen Kamer-White, who has lived her entire life in the town...

In Pictures: Peterborough, England

Peterborough Cathedral is a gem. Mary Queen of Scots was, for a time buried within the 12th-century place of worship. Her remains were moved to Westminster Abbey in 1612 but Scottish flags mark the spot where she once lay. Katherine of Aragon, a former wife of King Henry VIII is still buried in the cathedral.

Reasons to visit Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland

After a brief look around I head next door to view he Honours of Scotland, the country’s crown jewels. First used together for the coronation of Mary Queen of Scots in 1543, the shining sceptre, crown and other symbol-laden artefacts are displayed behind heavy-looking security glass. King Charles II was the last monarch to be crowned using the Honours of Scotland. After the Act of Union united the English and Scottish crowns, in 1707, the jewels were sealed away. It was not until 1818 that the chest in which they had been stored was reopened. That act was led by Walter Scott, the author who penned the Waverley novels and who is remembered by the vast monument in Princes Street Gardens.

With a Local: Weymouth, Dorset

"A visit to the Isle of Portland is certainly well worth it. It’s a chance to find out more about Portland stone and where it’s used. It’s used in buildings like Buckingham Palace, the Bank of England and in Whitehall. Those principal buildings around London, including St Paul’s Cathedral, are all made with Portland stone," says Geoff Moore.

A Valentine’s Day drive in Newfoundland and Labrador

Larry must be groaning inwardly at our immature chuckling but, sportingly, agrees to pause the minibus so we can click photos by the sign. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to wander through Dildo, so I can’t report on its vibe. At Heart’s Delight-Islington three colourfully painted wooden beach huts stand reflecting in a pond that shimmers bright blue in the morning sunshine. We jump out to take photos, this time without cackles of juvenile laughter.

Visiting Krušedol Monastery at Fruška Gora, Serbia

Joca, my guide, disappears through the arched gate leading towards Krušedol Monastery close to the periphery of Serbia’s Fruška Gora National Park. We agreed he’d give me a couple of minutes to compose photographs of the red gatehouse before meeting on the other side of the heavy wooden door. The gatehouse’s cupola-topped form resembles an...

Cycling in the New Forest

“There’s no excuses at all. Anybody can do it with electric bikes. It’s so much fun. There’s a misconception that you’re cheating but you can decide what level of assistance you choose. You can go on eco and give yourself a good work out or you can turn it off if you want a real work out. Or you can use turbo if you’re going up a steep hill. They last for a good day — for 30, 40 miles,” says Ross Kempson, the founder and co-owner of Cyclexperience in the New Forest.