Leipzig and the rise of the city’s football club

Saxony’s most populous urban hub has the dynamic vibe of a place on the up and Leipzig’s football club is helping give the German city wings. RasenBallsport Leipzig finished the 2016-17 Bundesliga season as runners-up to Bayern Munich. That meant the club qualified for the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League, playing ties against Monaco, Porto and Beşiktaş. The origins of...

11 Fountains unveiled in Friesland

The site of De Vleermuis had long been utilised as a carpark. During the installation of the fountain, which recycles water, 50 human skeletons were unearthed. Archaeologists have dated them to the Middle Ages and have concluded the location was previously a cemetery. Further excavations of the site are planned.

Cultural and practical tips for travel in Sri Lanka

We live in the age of the selfie but visitors to Buddhist temples should not turn their backs to statues of Buddha to take photos. “It is seen as disrespectful to Buddha,” said Luxman, on how Buddhists regard tourists snapping pictures of themselves at temples. Some temples display signs that discourage visitors from taking selfies by statues, though photography is widely permitted at religious and historic sites.

The Go Eat Do Guide: A weekend break in Riga, Latvia

The city, which was an European Capital of Culture in 2014, is characterised by cobbled streets and still has pockets where you can see traditional wood-built buildings with peeling facades on its periphery. There’s also many Art Nouveau-influenced buildings in Riga — the style is known as National Romanticism in this part of the world. Several were designed by the celebrated architect Michael Eisenstein.

Things to do during a walk in Newcastle

There's lots to see and do in Newcastle. The ‘new castle’ which lends its name to the city is centuries old: it dates from the reign of King Henry II, 840 years ago. You can climb its steep, honey-coloured stone steps to visit the great hall before watching a video that explains the role of the fortress through the ages: for centuries it stood as a bulwark of royal authority against Scottish invasion into England.

With a Local: Harare, Zimbabwe

Looking for local tips on things to do and places to see in Harare, Zimbabwe? Lorraine Muwuya lives in Harare and provides suggestions. She is a photojournalist who undertakes work for News of the South. While visiting Masvingo I chatted with Lorraine, who provided her insights regarding things to do and see in the Zimbabwean...

Climbing Grey’s Monument in Newcastle

Grey’s Monument, in central Newcastle, stands in memory of the man for whom bergamot-infused Earl Grey tea first was blended. From April to September this most English of landmarks opens on the first Saturday of the month for visits by members of the public. Known locally simply as the Monument, Grey’s Monument looks very similar...

With a Local: Windsor, England

Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire, attracts many international visitors because it’s the location of a royal residence, Windsor Castle. The fortress dominates the hilltop next to the town centre. Of course, there’s much else to do in Windsor. For insights I approached Yasemen Kamer-White, who has lived her entire life in the town...