Géoparc de Percé UNESCO Global Geopark

The explorer Samuel Champlain named the landmark le Rocher Percé, which means ‘pierced rock’, because of the arches, worn into the vast, cliff-like rock by the sea. Around 433 metres in length and 88 metres high, it is reminiscent of a stone iceberg jutting from the water. Around 150 types of fossil have been found in the limestone rock, which forms part of Parc national de l'Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, along with the nearby Bonaventure Island.

The rise of RB Leipzig football club

Translated literally, the first part of the club’s name, RasenBallsport, means ‘lawn ball sport’. It’s frequently shortened to RB. Two familiar looking charging, red-coloured beasts adorn the Leipzig club badge. The club’s nickname is Die Roten Bullen, which translates to ‘The Red Bulls’. The team plays home games at the 42,558-capacity Red Bull Arena. Grab yourself an energy drink and take a moment if you haven’t already guessed which company has, effectively, controlled the club since 2009.

Things to do in Maribor, Slovenia

“If you produce a lot of white wine you also have to drink it. That’s why Mariborians are happy,” jokes Tomaž, my guide during a walking tour of Maribor. The city is set within the Štajerska Slovenia wine region and a vast wine cellar is hidden below streets in its centre.

Polar Bear Holding Facility: Canada’s ‘bear jail’

“We have a couple bears that are repeat offenders, every year. They're coming into the community doing the same thing; most of those bears are habituated to garbage or food conditioned to garbage. They're older bears that were around during the time when an open dump was in operation here. They were introduced to garbage from their mother, so that's a habit that's almost impossible to break for a bear,” says Brett Whitlock, the man who manages the Polar Bear Alert Program in Churchill, Manitoba.

Art museums in the Netherlands

I think that the Netherlands does museums incredibly well. It’s fair to say that the country has several world-class art museums. Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Mauritshuis in The Hague all fall within that category.