Going naked at a sauna in Germany

Naïvely, I’d imagined that there’d probably be nude sauna, for those who were into that sort of thing, plus an area where people continued to wear their swimming costumes. The part with people in swimwear would be where I'd spent my time. I’d searched but that bit didn’t exist.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

“Maintain a minimum distance of at least seven metres,” we were told by guides at least three times during the pre-trek briefing. It’s taken less than five minutes in the presence of the gorillas and, already, that golden rule is broken.

Travelling safely in the coronavirus pandemic

In mid-August I travelled to Latvia, my first international trip since the coronavirus lockdown. Though keen to experience the destination, I was inevitably unsure as to whether international travel would be safe and enjoyable in light of the global pandemic. Prior to the trip, I weighed up the risks likely to be encountered while travelling and asked myself some searching questions.

Things to do in Riga: local tips

Spilve Airport, Riga’s old air hub, is one site that most people skip. It’s one of Riga’s hidden gems. The architecture from inside, the Soviet-era murals, is something different. You have to see it to believe it. The main mural shows Latvia people in traditional costumes along with Soviet flags.

Guide to hiking in Slovenia

After touching down in Ljubljana, you might be tempted to hire a car, board a train or travel by bus. However, one of the most rewarding ways of exploring Slovenia is on foot to explore trekking and walking in Slovenia.