Beauty & The Beast pantomime in Newcastle

“It's an absolute pleasure to come back and make people laugh like that tonight. The mams, the dads, the grannies and grandas and the kids are rolling around the floor laughing. There's no better feeling in the world," said Charlie Richmond who plays Daveed Granola.

First Nations in Yukon, Canada

“I don’t consider myself an elder but I’ve seen a temperature change of about 20°F in my lifetime. I remember when I was a child it was regularly -65°F [-53°C],” recalls Harold Johnson at Kwäday Dän Kenji – the Long Ago Peoples Place – of winters in the Yukon.

15 things to do in Winnipeg in winter

During February, the francophone St Boniface district of the Winnipeg hosts the Festival du Voyager, western Canada’s biggest winter festival. Thanks to the seasonal weather, finding a place to chill in Winnipeg in winter isn’t difficult. However, chilling at Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature has a whole different meaning — it’s a chic spa with saunas and steam rooms ranged around a four outdoor pools of varying temperatures.

Visiting the World Rugby Museum at Twickenham

While at the World Rugby Museum I learnt that the codified sport now played by three million people around the world was preceded by games known as tsu chu in China, harpastum in the Roman Empire and episkyros in Ancient Greece. One of the walls debunks the popular notion that William Webb Ellis invented the game, though the cup presented to world champions New Zealand on 31 October still bears his name. You can see a replica of the trophy in the museum.