Magna Carta and where to see it

In 1215 King John put his royal seal to Magna Carta. The document is regarded by many historians and libertarians as the most significant ever written in England’s history. It influenced the Constitution of the United States of America and laws in several other countries of the world.

Exploring Nova Scotia beyond Halifax

If you’re into geology, it’s likely that you’ll also appreciate visiting Joggins Fossil Cliffs near Amherst. Guides lead summertime tours of the beach from where you can view exposed, stratified rock. Joggins Fossil Centre is open from July into September.

Things to do in Latgale, Latvia

The region is nicknamed ‘the land of blue lakes’. Approximately 1,200 lakes speckle Latgale’s landscape making it an attractive destination for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures including kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or other forms of paddling.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is an iconic institution. Mounties dressed in their red serge parade uniforms are seen as symbols of the nation yet are also members of a police force using modern methods to maintain law and order in a country that their predecessors helped forge.

Thracian Cliffs Golf Course in Bulgaria

Basically the design is very simple, it’s nine holes out, nine holes in; the course is 4.5km long. The nine holes out you play on the lower level, on the sea level, and the nine holes in you play right above. That has the positive effect that from every single hole you see the sea. You always think you play directly to the sea because from the upper level you don’t see the lower holes, so the greens seem to be above the sea on the back nine.