Visiting the World Rugby Museum at Twickenham

While at the World Rugby Museum I learnt that the codified sport now played by three million people around the world was preceded by games known as tsu chu in China, harpastum in the Roman Empire and episkyros in Ancient Greece. One of the walls debunks the popular notion that William Webb Ellis invented the game, though the cup presented to world champions New Zealand on 31 October still bears his name. You can see a replica of the trophy in the museum.

A heritage walk in Delhi, India

The sun has only just peeked above the horizon but I’m already out on the streets of New Delhi. I want to make the most of my time in India’s capital and the golden hour, shortly after sunrise, is a great time for viewing the city’s architecture.

5 Upstate New York road trip ideas

Baseball is America’s summer sport. Taking in a ball game while slurping cola and munching fast food is a way of experiencing American life. You can do that at countless minor league games across the state. Alternatively, head to Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx, or Citi Field, in Queens, to watch one of New York’s major league teams. Four hours’ drive north of the Big Apple lies Cooperstown, home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. It tells the story of the game and displays artefacts that have been worn and held by the sport’s biggest names. A self-guided tour means, like the drive northward, you do it in your own time.

Going naked at a sauna in Germany

Naïvely, I’d imagined that there’d probably be a nude sauna, for those who were into that sort of thing, plus an area where people continued to wear their swimming costumes. The part with people in swimwear would be where I'd spent my time. I’d searched but that bit didn’t exist.