New cars for the Rocky Mountaineer train

Each of the new cars feature panoramic windows with electronically controlled tinting that can be lightened or darkened to suit the lighting conditions. The cars are air-conditioned and designed to operate with the outside temperature anywhere between a chilly -25˚C and sweltering 50˚C.

TravSafe PPE for travel

TravSafe’s single use personal protection travel pack packs bundle together a face mask, face shield, neoprene gloves, paper handkerchiefs and sterile wipes in packaging that doubles as a waste bag. The items are packed with a leaflet featuring a content declaration and instructions on how to use the PPE gear.

Views on the coronavirus’s global impact

"What I’ve certainly learned is that it’s much better to enjoy spending more time with a family than to work. We need less than what we think and what our lifestyle has enticed us to do. Home will be the same a few hundred years from now; you can paint it and everything will be the same, but people change from year to year and are never the same again" says Spomenka Saraga from Zagreb, Croatia.

Travel Writer of the Decade award

It’s always an honour to receive any award. To be named the Travel Writer of the Decade at the 2020 Netherlands Press Awards is particularly special. The award reflects several years of hard work, writing about a variety of aspects of the Netherlands...Museums and tourism attractions in the Netherlands are doing a grand job of providing online travel inspiration. I guess we can use the lockdown period as an opportunity to undertake research and look forward to visiting attractions in the future.

2019 Travel Media Awards finalist

The Travel Media Awards were established in 2015 to celebrate editorial quality and excellence. The 20 categories include Consumer Writer of the Year, National Broadsheet Newspaper Section and Broadcast Programme of the Year.

Cinderella at Tyne Theatre and Opera House

“It’s very traditional. It comes from a British music hall tradition. The biggest and most important member of the cast is the audience. It’s quite a Victorian thing. It’s full of double entrendre. The kids don’t get the slightly naughty stuff, and the mams and dads do, so there’s something for everybody.  There’s a language that everyone in Britain understands when they come to a pantomime,” said Connor Byrne, who plays Baron Hardup in Cinderella, about pantomimes.

2017 Travel Media Awards finalist

The Travel Media Awards were presented at an event in the five-star ME London hotel. Prior to the awards ceremony finalists were invited into the hotel’s penthouse suite for canapes and drinks with views along The Strand and over neighbouring rooftops.