Oman’s Aflaj irrigation system

Over the past few years increased value has been placed on environmentally sound projects with a strong community base. If Oman’s Aflaj irrigation system was built from scratch today it might well be regarded as a shining example of how a civil engineering project can be implemented according to contemporary and sustainable environmental principles.

Zygou, a raiding base for a Frankish knight

Zygou, you might think, could well be a contender for the final entry in a dictionary of world travel destinations. However, leafing through Merriam-Webster’s Geographic Dictionary dispels that notion. The honour, ultimately, goes to the Polish town of Zywiec, a name that many people recognise due to the famous beer.

Lumiere Festival in Durham

A third edition of the Lumiere Festival was held in Durham from 14 to 17 November 2013. On chilly November nights you normally see only a handful of folk walking the streets of Durham City. The first two Lumiere Festivals, though, brought people out in droves.