QuietOn Sleep Earbuds review

After testing a pair of QuietOn Sleep Earbuds, I have the impression that they’d be ideal to wear while travelling. They fit comfortably within my ears and stay in place while I wear them. Importantly, they effectively cancel out much of my surroundings’ ambient noise while set to silent mode.

Exploring Turkey beyond Istanbul

Patara, Antalya and the Bodrum Peninsula count among the destinations that draw international travellers to Turkey for beach holidays. Even if your primary holiday objective is to flop on the sand and spend a fortnight relaxing, Bodrum Castle warrants an excursion. The fortress, known as the Castle of St Peter, was constructed under the Knights of St John from 1502 onwards.

Riding the Seasider open-topped bus

Though the sky was cloudy and grey, the lure of riding the upper deck of an open-topped bus was enough for us to clomp straight upstairs after boarding the Seasider outside of Whitley Bay Metro station. We could have sat under the covered section of the first few rows. But we boarded the Seasider intent on embracing the experience whatever the weather. We were ready to feel the wind ruffling our hair, so grabbed a double-seat on the left-hand side of the bus to have optimal views of the beaches at Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and Tynemouth.

Leonardo da Vinci in Sunderland

“We've chosen Sunderland, as well as the 11 regional venues, because we are trying to hit the major metropolitan areas in the UK. We've tried to make sure we reach the maximum amount of people,” said Hannah Belcher, the Royal Collection Trust’s Senior Exhibitions Project Co-ordinator. “So here you've got him as a botanist, as an anatomist, as an artist, a painter and a sculptor. You've got his designs for a villa, which is architectural. You've got his military theory interest over there. You've got him working in chalk, in pen and in metal point. Every venue has that kind of cross-section so they can see the most of Leonardo,” said Ms Belcher.

Exploring Calgary by bicycle and on foot

This isn’t one of those North American cities in which you have to rely on a car (or taxi) to get about. Buses and trams (known locally as CTrains) are options for urban journeys. Central Calgary is also criss-crossed by a network of multi-user pathways utilised by both cyclists and pedestrians. I noted locals were using the pathway to commute and for leisure while making my way to points of interest around the city.