Bizhop carry-on suitcase for business travellers

The Bizhop carry-on suitcase has been designed to meet the needs of business travellers while complying with the size requirements for cabin baggage of several major airlines.

This piece of baggage carries a relatively new name among luggage producers. The Bizhop Luggage company was founded by Iain Begg. Crowdsourcing, via Kickstarter, provided funding for this venture. Shipment of the cases began in December 2017.

The suitcase’s look and feel

The Bizhop case has a hard, silver-grey shell (termed ‘Black Brushed’ on the packaging), constructed from a polycarbonate. The product literature describes the case as “virtually indestructible”. That claim isn’t, admittedly, something I set out to prove or disprove during my tests.

The suitcase’s telescopic handle has a chunky, comfortable feel and allows the case to be manoeuvred with relative ease on flat and hilly areas. It rolls on four Hinmoto wheels. They proved responsive on tarmac, carpet, concrete and wooden flooring. On cracked, uneven paving the case continued to be manageable.

The handle opens out so that a jacket or coat can be hung on it: a potentially handy feature while attending business meetings or waiting in an airport? At 6’4” I have relatively long clothing but there was ample clearance below the bottom of my jacket. The case can be wheeled with a jacket over the handle.

When heading up and down escalators on the Tyne and Wear Metro I lifted the suitcase by the telescopic handle, for which a patent is pending. I made use of the strap-style handle, situated on the top of the case, to lift it while walking up and down staircases: that handle proved the easiest to use when placing the suitcase in overhead luggage bins.

Bizhop, suitcase, luggage. logo
Bizhop Luggage started shipping its products in December 2017.

Opening a Bizhop case

The Bizhop website says that the case “can be opened when upright with contents being on view or falling out.” Intrigued, that’s something I tried but found a bit of a faff. I still had to tilt or turn the case to guide the zip around the bottom of the suitcase. It is manageable though. Ultimately, I found it was easier to open and close the case when it was laid down.

Two long zippers slot into a United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved lock with a three-digit security combination. That’s a handy feature for peace of mind if you’re going to leave your bag unattended at any point.

The case has neat, grey interior lining with red zips. The lightly padded compartment on the right-hand side of the suitcase is large enough to take all but the largest of laptops. If you prefer, it’s a handy slot to store magazines and keep printed A4 paperwork flat during travel.

The left-hand side of the case has two sealable pocket compartments with zips. They proved useful for storing memory cards, charging cables and pens during my weekend test run.

Both sides of the Bizhop case are equal in size. They were sufficiently deep and large enough to transport a change of footwear, a toiletries bag, a suit plus a selection of shirts and underwear. I like that the lining means what I’m carrying is not on show to the world when I open the case.

Bizhop, suitcase, luggage, lining
The lined interior of a Bizhop suitcase.

The case’s size and weight

The Bizhop carry-on case has a height of 55 centimetres, a width of 40 cm and a depth of 23 cm. Those dimensions mean that it falls within the maximum size for carry-on luggage on British Airways flights (56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm).

If you’re planning to fly, it always makes sense to check the baggage allowance of your carrier. For example, Flybe permit cabin baggage measuring a maximum of 55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm.

The case weights just over three kilograms (3.1kg).

All things considered, this piece of kit made a positive impression. The Bizhop carry-on suitcase appears well made and well-suited to the needs of travellers who will be spending a few days at a time underway, whether on business or for leisure.

Bizhop, Luggage, Suitcase
A jacket hanging on the handle of a Bizhop suitcase.

Further information

See the Bizhop website for more details about the carry-on luggage produced by the company and stockists selling the product, which has a five-year warranty. The cases retail for £189

Illustrating photos are by Stuart Forster.

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A TSA-approved lock with a three-digit combination.
A TSA-approved lock with a three-digit combination.

Disclosure: I was supplied with a Bizhop carry-on case for the purpose of writing a review. This review is an honest representation of my findings after testing a case during a weekend trip.

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