Travelling with Cornerstone shaving products

Stuart Forster discusses travelling with Cornerstone shaving products.

Disclosure: Stuart was gifted shaving products for the purpose of writing and photographing this post, which Cornerstone did not review or approve.

I like to stay presentable when I travel. Part of that, in my view, is being clean-shaven. Of late I’ve been achieving that using Cornerstone shaving products.

Pulled pork, craft beer and avocado on sourdough toast all appeal to me. I even own a couple of pairs of skinny jeans and a tweed jacket. So there are a few Hipster traits that appeal to me. Not the beard though. Beards look fine on others but mine looks like a broken Brillo pad that’s been dyed ginger and affixed wildly to the lower half of my face, complete with a couple of inexplicable gaps.

The couple of times I’ve tried growing a beard I’ve looked more like a castaway than a hipster. Consequently, I prefer to shave regularly to remove my facial hair.

Getting ready for the lounger?
Getting ready for the lounger?

Travel to the Maldives

In September I was invited to the Maldives to attend the World Travel Writers Conference organised by Maldives TV. It involved recording interviews for television and speaking on stage. Naturally, I wanted to look my best.

Prior to my departure to the Maldives Cornerstone contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing their shaving products. When I explained that my work involves a lot of travel they said they’d send one of their crushed buffalo leather wash bags with a waterproof lining. I was also sent a blade protector so that the razor can be transported safely.

A Cornerstone razor with a blade protector.
A Cornerstone razor with a blade protector.

A Cornerstone gift set

Additionally, the company sent a Cornerstone gift set. The starter pack included a metallic-finish razor inscribed with my initials, a set of blades, pre-shave facial scrub, shaving gel and past-shave balm. The latter is scented with mint and leaves my face feeling fresh.

Handily, the razors feature a trimmer, which I’ve found useful for trimming my sideburns and eyebrows.

In addition to giving me a good, clean shave I like the look of the grey and red Cornerstone packaging. I unpacked the products on the beach, all of 20 paces from the front door of my villa at the Bandos Maldives resort to shoot a series of photos.

Modelling on a beach in the Maldives.
Modelling on a beach in the Maldives.

Later in the day, I went scuba diving on the reef off Bandos Island and same within a matter of meters of a blacktip reef shark that was a couple of metres in length. It did cross my mind that I was glad I hadn’t cut myself while shaving!

Here’s a picture of one of the sharks that I photographed from the boardwalk by one of the restaurants at the Bandos Maldives. They are not aggressive and many divers head to the PADI-accredited Dive Bandos in order to get a chance to be in the water next to the sharks.

A blacktip reef shark off Bandos Island in the Maldives.
A blacktip reef shark off Bandos Island in the Maldives.

Further information

For more information about razors and shaving products visit the Cornerstone website. Cornerstone delivers its products to homes around the United Kingdom.

The photographs illustrating this post were photographed on location at the Bandos Maldives resort in the Maldives while attending the World Travel Writers’ Conference.

Photos illustrating this post are by Why Eye Photography.

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