Lindian Village luxury resort near Lindos, Rhodes

Lindian Village is a luxury holiday resort on Rhodes, Greece.

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Over recent years Greece has taken a lot of stick for the way it has managed its economy. Despite all the shortcomings regarding macroeconomic management, Greeks certainly know how to be outstanding hosts and make their guests feel welcome, as I discovered at Lindian Village resort and spa.

My taxi driver, Vasilis, clearly felt aggrieved at the failings of the politicians over in Athens as we drove to Rhodes International Airport. During the 50-minute drive, he explained that he now pays significantly more in taxes than before the country’s economic crisis began and lamented that many young people are leaving the country in the hope of finding work and a brighter future.

I, on the other hand, was departing Rhodes reluctantly and only because my vacation was at an end, having experienced nothing of the economic crisis other than anecdotes.

A 5-star resort near Lardos

The 5-star Lindian Village is located at Lardos Beach, outside the town of Lindos, and is one of those places where you can retreat from the world. Most guests come for a lazy, sun-kissed break to recharge their batteries or a spot of romance.

Some come here to marry on the flower-rich island in the middle of the babbling man-made brook that runs through the resort. I, on the other hand, had brought my mother away as a way of saying thanks for all of the things she’s done for me over the years.

This chic resort of 146 rooms is set out in the style of a traditional Greek village of white-painted houses. The accommodation is set in lush, well-tended grounds whose colourful flowers warrant packing extra memory if you enjoy photography and strolling around on an evening to enjoy the scented air. There’s also an onsite Orthodox chapel that you can visit.

Exploring Rhodes and Lindos

Lindian Village is set in a quiet spot a five-minute walk from the road leading to Lindos and the old town of Rhodes. Buses run regularly to both, which are worth exploring if you enjoy history or feel the urge to experience more than just the poolside, the beach and good food while on this island. Many people spend their time here lying contently on sun loungers and the four-poster sunbeds set out on the Lindian Village’s private beach; maybe I would have too if my skin tanned rather than burned and I hadn’t been enthused to explore by reading about the island’s 3,000 years of history.

To relax after a trip to the Acropolis of Lindos I headed to the Lindian Village’s spa, to spend time in the dry heat of the sauna and the steam of the hammam. Treatments ranging from facials to full body massages are offered by the spa’s therapists, who include two chatty Ayurveda specialists from the Indian state of Kerala.

Massage and Pilatus sessions

On my last day, I went for a Swedish massage. The hands of my masseuse helped counteract the effects of throwing myself too enthusiastically into the daily programme of supervised sports and exercise, including my first ever Pilatus session, plus too many reps of the free weights that stand available in the outdoor gym set under a beige canvas awning. Trying to match what I lifted ten years ago was not, with the painful benefit of hindsight, a clever strategy.

My aim of getting back in shape meant that I was one of the few guests staying at Lindian Village not regularly sipping alcohol by the pool during the day or at night outside of La Piazza, the waterside café-bar where many guests gather after dinner. Staying disciplined was by no means easy, as a range of quality Greek wines, made from varietals that thrive in the country, are served in the resort’s three bars and five restaurants.

Buffets and gourmet cuisine

I ate in the resort’s buffet restaurant, Almantes, where a broad selection of dishes are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, as well as twice in Basil, the Lindian Village’s Greek restaurant. Dining a la carte gave me the opportunity to try the chef’s excellent veal steak while an evening out on the terrace was accompanied by live Greek music while dipping into a variety of traditional dishes, beautifully served as part of the meze.

I stayed in one of the junior suites, whose walled terrace offered space to relax in private and a Jacuzzi. The free Wi-Fi tempted me online a number of times during my stay, to check emails and the news.

Lengthy meals and late walks meant I didn’t make use of the DVD player or selection of films which are available but did spend long enough in the room to see why the Lindian Village is popular with couples seeking a place to spend quality time together.

Details such as cheery greetings by the restaurant and cleaning staff plus regular fresh flowers in the room helped create the right mood for a holiday. Whatever the bigger picture might be, on the evidence of this break at the Lindian Village, Greek hospitality is experiencing no crisis.

Further information

Visit the Lindian Village Resort and Spa website for more information and to check room availability and prices.

Information about Rhodes is available on the Visit Rhodes and Visit Greece websites.

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  • Natasha Bolton

    January 10, 2018 at 23:17 Reply

    The Greek islands very much appeal to my husband and I. This is a resort that sounds ideal for us.

    • Stuart Forster

      January 11, 2018 at 09:33 Reply

      I’m glad to hear that. I certainly enjoyed my stay.

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