The Fort of Bom Sucesso in Lisbon

If you’re feeling positive you might be tempted to translate the name of Lisbon’s Forte do Bom Sucesso as ‘Fortress of Good Success.’ That would be a decent stab at a literal rendering though it’s usually known in English as the Fort of Bom Sucesso.

Things to do in Warkworth, Northumberland

In The Companion Guide to Northumbria Edward Grierson describes Warkworth as “one of the most exciting small towns in Britain.” After a stroll through this settlement of 1,000 people I’d probably have chosen the word ‘relaxing’ or perhaps ‘picturesque’ rather than ‘exciting.’

Touring the ruien in Antwerp, Belgium

I’ve pulled on a disposable overall, I’m holding a torch and have a camera slung around my neck. If it wasn’t for my floppy black wellies you might take me for a crime scene investigator. The kit is compulsory for tours of Antwerp’s underground canals, the ruien as they are known here.

Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, India

The coastal city of Mahabalipuram, 60km (40 miles) south of Chennai, is a popular spot with backpackers and culture lovers touring southern India. Locals know this place as Mamallapuram and it’s a place that I’ve grown fond of, visiting several times in recent years.

Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam

It’s a breezy, overcast day in Amsterdam. I’ve just walked through a tunnel beneath the railway platforms of Centraal Station and I’m standing by the waterfront. My goal - the sleek, angular, Eye building - lies over the choppy river Ij.

Lahemaa National Park in Estonia

“I have had several unforgettable moments. In 1976 an elk jumped onto the car and smashed the window and door. Nothing happened to the animal, but car was not very nice looking afterwards. Happily nothing happened to us but we were shocked,” says Anne Kurepalu, my guide in Estonia's Lahemaa National Park.

Aquiles da Mota Lima Museum of Matches

Many attractions and museums claim to have no match; not this one though. Tomar’s Museu dos Fosforos Aquiles da Mota Lima (‘The Aquiles da Mota Lima Museum of Matches’) is home to Europe’s biggest collection of matchboxes, many of which still hold their original contents.