‘Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing’ in Sunderland

“We've chosen Sunderland, as well as the 11 regional venues, because we are trying to hit the major metropolitan areas in the UK. We've tried to make sure we reach the maximum amount of people,” said Hannah Belcher, the Royal Collection Trust’s Senior Exhibitions Project Co-ordinator. “So here you've got him as a botanist, as an anatomist, as an artist, a painter and a sculptor. You've got his designs for a villa, which is architectural. You've got his military theory interest over there. You've got him working in chalk, in pen and in metal point. Every venue has that kind of cross-section so they can see the most of Leonardo,” said Ms Belcher.

Tips to minimise the risk of accidents while cycling

It’s comforting to know that it’s rare for cyclists in the UK to suffer from fatal accidents. Using data collected between 2012 and 2016, Cycling UK, an organisation that promotes cycling, has calculated that an average of approximately 9.4 million bicycle journeys are undertaken per death among cyclists. Nonetheless, a total of 102 cyclists were killed in 2016.

Exploring Calgary by bicycle and on foot

This isn’t one of those North American cities in which you have to rely on a car (or taxi) to get about. Buses and trams (known locally as CTrains) are options for urban journeys. Central Calgary is also criss-crossed by a network of multi-user pathways utilised by both cyclists and pedestrians. I noted locals were using the pathway to commute and for leisure while making my way to points of interest around the city.

Accidents when you’re abroad – what should you do?

As outlined in this holiday accidents abroad infographic, 70 British people were hospitalised every week in 2011 while abroad, on average. It is therefore important to be fully prepared before you go away. The costs of being involved in an accident whilst abroad can be severe and 78% of people surveyed by the UK Foreign...