Internet access via a Huawei MiFi from Cellhire

Stuart Forster reviews the experience of accessing the internet using a Huawei MiFi. The device, also known as a personal hotspot, was supplied by Cellhire.

Disclosure: The MiFi being tested was loaned by Cellhire, which did not review or approve this article.

I was recently asked if I’d be interested in testing a personal hotspot, a device otherwise known as a MiFi, provided by Cellhire.

It was a timely enquiry as I’d been keen to try using one for quite some time. The reason? I frequently visit a library whose WiFi internet connection is slow — very slow. That painful, look around the room and check phone while waiting for response kind of slow which simply shouldn’t happen in 2019. I had been looking for solution to access the internet more quickly.

Using the Huawei E5577S-321

I was offered the use of a Huawei E5577S-321 installed with a SIM card for use in the country of my choice. I selected the United Kingdom so that I could compare the results to the library’s WiFi.

The device sent to me was a mobile hotspot that provides high-speed internet access. Smaller in size than an external hard drive, the Huawei E5577S-321 is a wireless terminal. It can connect up to 10 WiFi enabled devices at any given time.

A Huawei MiFi supplied by Cellhire along with its charging cable.
A Huawei MiFi supplied by Cellhire, along with its charging cable.

A MiFi for accessing the internet

Somebody described a MiFi to me as “a pocket-size router” that facilitates access to the internet just as a larger device would do in any home or office.

One advantage of connecting to the internet using a MiFi rather than a public WiFi network is that the data being transmitted is not as visible. There’s been quite a bit of discussion recently about hackers and identity thieves accessing personal data when it’s sent over public WiFi networks. The MiFi uses airborne network coverage and cannot be used by other people without giving them the access code.

An easy to use solution

Setting up was easy. I connected the MiFi device to a power socket with the charger provided and switched it on. The Huawei E5577S-321 took a few seconds to boot up, then displayed a welcome message.

The security key, required for accessing the network, was displayed in the MiFi’s screen along with the network name. It also indicated that the device was connected to the ‘Voda UK’ 4G network. Using the metallic menu button on the side of the MiFi I could check information about the device and network.

I didn’t need to refer to the information leaflets supplied with the device to connect my laptop to the network and get onto the internet.

To test the speed of the network I browsed news websites, photography websites with lots of images and sites with video. The responses were far quicker than those I’d become accustomed to in the library.

The device was delivered to my door and a return label was supplied for its return by courier.

It’s an easy-to-use solution that I’ll bear in mind in future for accessing the internet while travelling.

A Huawei MiFi supplied by Cellhire along with the charging cable.
A Huawei MiFi supplied by Cellhire. The charging cable is in the foreground.

Further information

Find out more about mobile data products on the Cellhire website. Solutions are available for using devices while roaming in European countries and elsewhere in the world.

Cellhire has its company headquarters in York and can be contacted on 01904 610610 or email ( Primarily a B2B business, Cellhire can also be contacted by individuals and business travellers seeking a MiFi and data SIM card bundle.

Alternatively, using data SIM cards in smartphones may be a solution to the needs of business travellers while abroad. Dataroam supplies data SIM cards for use in foreign countries.

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A Huawei MiFi from Cellhire.
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  • Nelly

    October 17, 2019 at 08:16 Reply

    I purchased one in Portugal a few years ago prior to the UK’s roaming changes and it proved to be worth the money. Still have it to this day.

    • Stuart Forster

      October 17, 2019 at 08:43 Reply

      It’s always good when a piece of equipment proves value for money.

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