Urban Armor Gear case for the Microsoft Surface Pro

Stuart Forster reviews an Urban Armor Gear case for the Microsoft Surface Pro laptop.

Disclosure: Stuart Forster, the author of this article, was supplied with an Urban Armor Gear case in order to facilitate the writing of the this post. Urban Armor Gear did not review or approve this article. Some of the links below, marked with a (£), are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Urban Armor Gear has developed the Metropolis Series of protective cases to fit the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 4, plus other tablets and smartphones. As a user of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, I welcomed an opportunity to test the sleek looking piece of kit.

My work as a travel writer and photographer means that I regularly take my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on the road during assignments. I like to keep on top of emails and check the websites of places that I’ll be visiting. My tablet enables me to share images via social media and, of course, to write up notes and observations after a day of exploration.

Protection for electronic devices

Field research takes me to a variety of environments around the world. Sometimes it means spending time in comfortable surroundings reviewing luxury hotels. You’ll also find me jolting along in jungles or remote national parks. Inevitably, I want to feel confident that my laptop is as safe as possible from damage while on the road. It’s also beneficial that it looks good when I’m sitting in cafes and hotel lobbies.

This piece of Urban Armor Gear casing has gained Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification. That means it protects equipment when dropped from a height of 48 inches (almost 122 centimetres in metric measurements). Those tests were carried out by MET Laboratories Inc. and involved dropping devices 26 times from a variety of angles, without sustaining damage to the screen. They were certainly not the kind of tests I wanted to repeat with my own tablet!

An Urban Armor Gear case for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.
An Urban Armor Gear case for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Features of the casing

The lightweight casing proved easy to slip my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 into and securely held the device. As you’d expect, it allowed easy access to the charging and USB ports. The dotted texture on the surface of the casing was easy to grip.

The rim of the Urban Armor Gear casing has a grip to hold the pen that can be used on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s screen when it’s in tablet mode. With the casing in place, it still proved easy to snap on and off the device’s keyboard, which doubles as the screen cover, .

What I liked most about the Urban Armor Gear case was how easy it was to use the adjustable stand. That allowed me to tilt my tablet at various angles, depending on where I was sitting, and get on with writing and picture editing.

After testing this piece of kit I’ve decided that it will be staying on my tablet.

The stand on an Urban Armor Gear case for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.
The stand on an Urban Armor Gear case for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Further information

See the Urban Armor Gear website for more information about the company’s range of protective casing for smartphones and tablets.

The Urban Armor Gear case for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (£) is available from Amazon and other stockists (£):

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