Born Ready: microadventures for city dwellers

Alastair Humphreys, the British adventurer, and clothing manufacturer Wrangler have teamed up to launch the Born Ready Adventures campaign.

The Born Ready page provides activity suggestions for urban dwellers, within an hour’s travelling time of their city’s limits. The suggestions emphasise the suitability of Wrangler’s new performance denim collection for outdoor activities. The collection features insulating, stretch and water resistant jeans.

Activities in the United Kingdom, Germany and Poland

See the interactive map on the Born Ready page to view ideas for activities within an hour of Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

The Born Ready page also suggests activities within an hour’s drive of Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg in Germany. Similarly, the Polish cities of Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw are featured.

Activities such as caving, cliff jumping, canoeing and walking are among those listed as part of the campaign. Each entry features the journey time from the nearest major city, a brief overview of why a particular area is worth visiting, the kit required to undertake the activity plus a suggestion of how get there, courtesy of information from Google Maps.

Microadventures on an interactive map

At present swathes of the online map on the Born Ready page are still blank. Anyone, though, can add an activity to those already listed by clicking on the ‘share your adventure’ button. You’ll be asked to submit a photograph plus information relating to the activity.

I tested the system, suggesting walking into the countryside from Newcastle’s city centre – an enjoyable activity when the weather is fine. It’s a great way of getting exercise while gaining insights into the industrial heritage and architecture of Newcastle and Gateshead before heading into the rural landscapes further west. Returning into the city centre at the end of the walk provides a good selection of pubs to grab a rehydrating drink.

The adventurer Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys travelled 46,000 miles while cycling the world over a period of four years. He passed through 60 countries on five continents during that adventure, which he wrote about in The Boy Who Biked the World. He’s also rowed the Atlantic Ocean, participated in expedition in the Arctic and run marathons in the Sahara desert. Humphreys has also walked across southern India and in the Empty Quarter of Arabia.

The Born Ready campaign draws inspiration from Humphreys’ microadventures. He uses the term to describe challenging and rewarding activities close to home. As you’ll see on the site, these include wild swimming and sleeping outdoors on hilltops. Microadventures is also the title of one of Humphreys’ books.

So, what’s stopping you from clicking on the Born Ready page and heading outdoors?

Dunston Staithes by the River Tyne in Gateshead, England.
Dunston Staithes by the River Tyne in Gateshead, England.

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