Citizen M Amsterdam Hotel

Citizen M Amsterdam Hotel is in the south of the Netherlands’ capital city.

What would you do when a bout of absent-mindedness means you’ve nowhere to stay in a major European city, despite planning every other aspect of your trip? My response was to grab a coffee, log into the internet and surf for a hotel. I wanted a stylish, not too expensive base for four days in Amsterdam; the internet suggested I book a room in the Citizen M Amsterdam Hotel.

The hotel is a five minute walk from Amsterdam Zuid railway station. By tram the city centre proves easy to reach from a stop on Beethovenstraat, a two minute stroll from the 21-room hotel’s sliding main door. Staying at the hotel meant I was able to jump out at the Museumplein in around ten minutes, making it easy to visit the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and Stedelijk Museums.

Do-it-yourself check-in

Rather than registering at a conventional, staffed check-in desk you perform the necessary steps yourself using monitors in the lobby. The multi-language, touch screen machines read your credit card, print receipts and allow you to validate your own key card. It’s a brief, painless process. Reassuringly, a member of the hotel’s staff is on hand to greet you and provide assistance, should that prove necessary. It wasn’t, but I did have a very pleasant chat with a Spanish employee about local bars and cafes. Checking out involves a very similar automated process. It’s surprisingly efficient and easy.

I stayed alone in a double room up on the third floor. The design of my room was simple yet smart and ultimately comfortable. It proved a fine base as a lone visitor. That said, unless I knew somebody very well I’d be a wary of sharing one of these rooms. My concerns are most probably due to English reserve; there’s no separate bathroom to retreat into.

Like something from Star Trek

Both the loo and the shower are housed within Perspex tubes with sliding doors. You can’t get the water of the shower to flow without first closing the doors. Standing open, the cylinders reminded me of the transporter stations from Star Trek, particularly when illuminated with soft colours due to the room’s mood lighting. I fiddled with the settings via a ‘mood pad’ control that also masters the flat-screen TV mounted above the two metre wide bed.

Staying here gives you access to free high speed wi-fi and movies on demand. Not only do you have general releases but a selection of adult movies too. Joined up thinking really has gone into the design of this place; a box of tissues is located in the cabinet under the wash basin.

What’s under the bed?

With an area of just 14 square metres, rooms in the Citizen M Amsterdam Hotel are compact but cosy. Features such as storage space under the bed and a scoop chair by the desk provide a practical, bright and contemporary feel.

The ground floor area hosts work and meeting areas hedged by chic shelving and Vitra furniture. In case you don’t bring your laptop a number of iMacs are available, enabling you to surf and keep on top of email.

Would I consider stopping here again? Yes. To me that’s the ultimate endorsement a hotel is doing things right.

Further information

The Citizen M Amsterdam Hotel is at Prinses Irenestraat 30, 1077 WX Amsterdam. Food including salads, sandwiches, sushi and a selection of drinks are sold 24-hours a day in the lobby area. Breakfast is also served in the lobby.

Learn more about the attractions of the Dutch capital via the I Amsterdam website.

For more on the Netherlands as a whole, see the Holland website.

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Bedroom in the Citizen M Amsterdam City Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Photo by Stuart Forster.
Bedroom in the Citizen M Amsterdam City Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 


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  • Kelly Rogers

    April 11, 2014 at 07:03 Reply

    You right well. And I like your style. I also would not share a room in this hotel, except with my husband. I don’t want others to see me in the bathroom. 🙂

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