Travelling with Cornerstone shaving products

During September I was invited to the Maldives to attend the World Travel Writers Conference organised by Maldives TV. It involved recording interviews for television and speaking on stage. Naturally I wanted to look my best. Prior to my departure Cornerstone contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing their shaving products. When I explained that my work involves a lot of travel they said they’d send one of their crushed buffalo leather wash bags with a waterproof lining. I was also sent a blade protector, so that the razor can be transported safely.

Kit Review: Snugpak Kitmonster 70 G2 bag

The grip handles feature a Velcro seal, for additional comfort while carrying this sizable piece of kit, and there are hand grips at either end. You can, should you choose, carry the bag via a shoulder strap that spans its length. Alternatively, the Kitmonster 70 G2 has detachable twin shoulder straps, meaning you can carry the bag on your back, in the style of a rucksack, should you so desire.

Kit Review: Snugpak Softie Vest (SV3 Gilet)

The Snugpak Softie Vest is a lightweight, body warmer style jacket designed for wearing when a chill grips the air. As such it’s a good piece of kit for early morning walks on summer days, when the air temperature hasn’t quite warmed up, or evenings, when temperatures again begin to drop.