Peter Lindbergh’s Rotterdam exhibition

Cindy Crawford stands radiating glamour a couple of metres in front of me. Fellow supermodel Eva Herzigova struts assuredly by amidst a posse of people pointing cameras. Meanwhile, smiling and looking relaxed, Milla Jovovich jokes with a woman who wants to join her for a selfie. Like me, they are in Rotterdam for the opening of the exhibition Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision of Fashion Photography.

With a Local: Malton, North Yorkshire

Malton is a small market town 17 miles north-east of York. It is building a reputation as a destination for foodies. Tom Naylor-Leyland is the founder and director of the Malton Food Lovers Festival. Tom’s family has owned land in and around the town for more than 300 years.

The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

Few bridges match the romantic ambiance of Prague’s picturesque Charles Bridge. The structure is one of the best-loved landmarks in the Czech Republic and spans the River Vltava between the Malá Strana district, the site of the city’s vast castle, and the Staré Město, Prague‘s Old Town.

With a Local: Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the provincial capital of Saskatchewan in Canada. Search the internet and you’ll see it has produced a string of talented ice hockey players who have made it into the NHL. Yet it’s uniforms of a different type that draw many visitors to Regina.

With a local: Erfurt, Germany

For more than 20 years Johanna von Hassell has lived in the city of Erfurt, in Thuringia, Germany. I chatted with Johanna on Erfurt’s Domplatz (Cathedral Square) while munching on a mustard-smothered bratwurst, a traditional Thuringian type of sausage whose heritage can be traced to the early 1400s.