Polar bear safari in Manitoba, Canada

A 400kg polar bear lumbers towards us on the semi-frozen shoreline of the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. Just ten metres of open ground stands between one of the planet’s largest land-dwelling carnivores and the group of a dozen people that I’m standing in.

The Canadian – Canada’s transnational train service

Rail journeys have long been loved by unhurried travellers who appreciate opportunities to view the landscapes through which they traverse. The Canadian, which runs for 4,466 kilometres between Toronto and Vancouver, is a long-established passenger service and widely regarded by rail aficionados as one of the world’s great train journeys. Running between Union Station in...

With a Local: Vienna, Austria

Renowned for outstanding coffee and as home of Sachertorte, Vienna, the capital of Austria, has lots for lovers of history. Duncan JD Smith, a British travel writer, is based in the Austrian capital. He’s the sole author and publisher of the ‘Only In’ Guides series of guidebooks.