The Silly Walk Eindhoven

The creation is the work of Niels van Swaemen and Kasper van Leek, the talented street artists and designers behind Studio Giftig. It was unveiled in the spring of 2016. Locals are proud that John Cleese visited Eindhoven to declare the tunnel open. One end depicts a grinning Cleese as he looked back in 1970, when the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch was initially broadcast.

A walking tour of Kamloops, British Columbia

Rolling into the Canadian city of Kamloops marked the end the first day of a scenic journey from Vancouver to Banff aboard the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train. As we neared the city of 90,000 people — which, by area, is one of the largest municipalities in Canada — a member of the train’s guest experience...

With a Local: Amersfoort

The ladies of Amersfoort saved the city with beer...The ladies, who did most of the brewing in those days, decided to empty kettles with boiling hot beer from the city gates onto the ice. The result? The ice melted, the catapult sank, the army drowned. Hurray for our women!